Ruzbeh Mirmoayadi

Ruzbeh  Mirmoayadi, worked in the successful Theater show „Wer sind Sie? Was machen Sie hier?“ for many years, worked in Maxim Gorki Theater and now we can announce that Ruzbeh is also part of our team here, at First Online Theater, as actor in the show „The Box, Budapest- Berlin“ written and directed by Lea Spielmann (Simon). Ruzbeh is deeply touched by the stories we gathered of the Hungarian Romani people and is learning a gipsy poem in it‘s original, Hungarian language.  

Ruzbeh Mirmoayadi a sikeres, német színházi elõadás „Wer sind Sie? Was machen Sie hier?“ színésze, többek között dolgozott Berlinegyik legnagyobb kōszínházában, a Maxim Gorki Színházban is, s nagy örömmel bejelenthetjük, hogy jelenleg a First Online Theatre csapatának is tagja, színész a Spielmann (Simon) Lea által írt és rendezett “The Box, Budapest- Berlin” előadásunkban. Ruzbeh-et mélyen megérintette és foglalkoztatja a romák magyarországi helyzete, jelenleg magyarul tanul cigány verset.

Welcome, Laura!


I was so happy and honored, when Laura decided to join First Online Theatre and be the actress of our upcoming project: Budapest-Berlin. Laura Sophia Becker swiss & german actress, studied in London, worked with Sasha Waltz german choreographer and Abramovic performance artist. Laura is the director of "die Rote Zora" and thanks God she is passionated about our "Berlin-Budapest" script and project!

 Veeery happy to welcome her in the First Online Theatre team!

Hála az égnek Laura szenvedélyévé vált a “Budapest-Berlin” forgatókönyve - óriási boldogság és megtiszteltetés, hogy a First Online Theatre csapatában köszönthetjük. Laura Sophia Becker svájci és német színésznő, Londonban tanult, dolgozott Sasha Waltz koreográfussal és Abramovic performansz-művésszel. Kifejezetten lelkesítette, hogy magyar nyelvű dalszöveget kell majd tanulnia 

The story of First Online Theatre starts in Berlin, Kreuzberg 2015-2016. The idea was born, to invite people as writers into the creative process and create videos. A fusion of theatre and film. 

Ruzbeh Mirmoayadi, Laura Sophia Becker and Lea Spielmann (Simon). Our team today. But this team will hopefully soon grow. 

Creative professionals with several years experience in traditional theatre in Hungary, Romania and Germany, Switzerland, France and more. 

What makes these people special is their passion for the social aspect in their creative work. 

The idea of the First Online Theatre is to break the old boundaries and system of the dynamic between audience and theatre. We will let people in and treat them as an important part of the theatre, as people who have something important to say and deserve to be heard. Gergely and Lea's second priority is to reach as many people as possible, those who are living under hard conditions, not able to go to the theatre or to find a cultural community. This is the reason, why this theatre is online. 

                      Special thanks

                          To our editors: Holly McMahon & Diana Simon 

                          To our Project Advisor: Rachel Uwa (from School of 

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe)